Exercises You Can Do at Home

Try these simple shoulder exercises you can do in your home, with the help of exercise physiologist Colleen Saringer.


There many ways to fit exercise into your daily routine without even leaving your house.

Just open your pantry door and reach for your canned goods. What’s great about canned goods is that they range anywhere from half a pound up to 3 lbs in weight.

Here are two exercises for your upper body. Start by having a seat in a comfortable chair.

The first exercise is the shoulder press. Begin by raising your harms parallel to the floor. With your chest straight and your stomach pulled in raise your arms up to the ceiling till they’re almost straight, and then lower them back down.

The next exercise is the shoulders raise. Start with arms down at your side. With your chest lifted and your stomach in, raise your arms up till they’re parallel to the floor. And let them back down.

Both of these exercises should be done anywhere from 12-15 times.

Before you start any exercise program, check with your doctor. Remember that no matter how busy you are, you can still fit exercise into your day.

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