Exercise Moves for Your Office

A busy work schedule can seriously limit your workout opportunities. But you can do these office exercises even when you’re on a conference call.


It’s hard to fit exercise into your day when your calendar fills up quickly, but I’m going to show you two great exercises you can do at work.

Try them on a conference call or even wearing a hands-free headset.

The first exercise it the Wall Push Up. This exercise is gonna work the exercises of the upper body.

That includes your chest, tricep and your upper back

Go ahead and place both arms on the wall pull your stomach in, lower yourself to the wall and then push yourself back up.

Make it more challenging by lifting one leg and repeating the exercise.

Do this exercise anywhere from 12-15 times.

For the next one, we’re gonna need a little more room.

The next exercise is the Split Squat. This exercise is gonna work the muscles of your lower body. That includes your quads, your hamstrings, and your glutes.

Go ahead and take a nice wide step with your legs.

Body weight on the heel of your front foot and lift up on the toe of your back foot. Lower yourself down to the ground and then push yourself back up

When you lower yourself down, make sure you maintain your balance and keep that knee from going over your toe

Try this one anywhere from 12-15 times. You’ll want to do this on both legs.

Before you start any exercise program, check with your doctor.

And remember that no matter how busy you are, you can still fit exercise into your day.

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